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Vrátná Valley

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Vrátná Valley is located in the Kriváň Little Fatra mountains and is rightly appreciated as the most significant centre of hiking and mainly skiing in the Little Fatra mountains. Among the main skiing places ranks a chair-lift from Vratna to Chleb (from the elevation of 750 meters to 1500 meters). The distance is more than 1850 meters. Next attractive skiing points are Snilovske sedlo, east side of Velky Krivan, north slopes of Chleb, Prislop and Paseky. There is a national park Rozsutec in the area of Vratna dolina rich in lime-stone vegetation and rock cliff beauty. Beside this you may visit in closeness Skale mesto, Poludnove skaly, Diery and the main ridge of Kriváň Little Fatra set between the Velky Rozsutec peak and the Maly Krivan peak.

Vrátná Valley
Vrátná Valley

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